The Intelligent Way

Intelligent Multivariance Testing = Total Conversion Optimisation

  • Increased conversions
  • Increased ROI
  • Understanding of what your site visitors want to see
  • Lower costs

Imagine you have a shop on the high street. You've advertised on the radio and in the local paper that you sell widgets. People really want widgets so they flock to your shop and are disappointed when they see the display of grommets - not a widget in sight. If you're lucky they might come and ask you about widgets, but they'll probably walk out and find another shop.

So now you make sure that you put the widgets at the front of the shop. Now imagine having to change your shop around to make it ideal for every single customer that walks in your door - some customers still want grommets. You can't win.

Yes, you can win. Multivariance testing gives you the ability to test page layouts and content to give the best overall experience for most of your customers. Intelligent Multi-Variance Testing gives you the ability to make sure that the best page and the right content is always being shown to each and every one of your customers.

You're spending good money and effort driving people to your site. Don't waste money by driving people away again.

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