The Intelligent Way

Case Study 1 - Automotive Client

Working with a leading automotive advertiser we implemented a strategy that incorporated bespoke landing pages tailored to user's searches by make and model. The search terms mirrored closely their paid search advertising campaign and also worked with organic search results. We started by targeting 150 models of cars for ten manufacturers, across 10 sub-domains. We were able to make live 1,500 landing pages at the flick of a switch.

Within one month of starting the test, the system had identified winning page layout and content for 90% of the landing page / keyword combinations, making almost immediate improvements on Conversions and CTR.

Within 2 months of starting the test the results were as follows:

Metric Result
Conversions Increased by 290%
Average CTR Increased by 153%
Average CPC Decreased by 28%

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