The Intelligent Way

How Intelligent MVT Works

If you walked into a used car showroom and told the salesperson that you're interested in buying a Volkswagen Golf, you would be very annoyed if they responded by telling you that they sell lots of cars, they might have Golfs in here somewhere and that you should browse around to find them. The same frustrations occur when a potential client visits your website.

Intelligent MVT works by listening to what the user is telling you about their needs and matching them directly to products in your inventory. It does this continuously and by drawing on as much information about the user viewing your site as possible. By doing this a persona can be assembled, and conversions for that type of user can be measured. When a user with a similar persona visits your website the same, best converting, information will be shown.

Different types of users search with different types of keywords, and will engage differently with the site depending on what they are presented as a result of those keywords.

Intelligent MVT vs Traditional MVT

Standard multivariance testing works over a set period to measure the best converting page layout and content from a number of alternatives - (does "email us" work better than "contact us", is a green submit button better than a red one). At the end of the test period a recommendation is made and you will replace your old page with the new page. This will work for many users, but traditional tests tend to forget about the minority users and are only valid for the given time period and test demographics.

Showing optimisations drawn from traditional multivariance testing

Intelligent multivariance testing is always running and is always responding to all of your users. It captures information about your users and uses this to serve the best content based on the best match between your products, the user persona and the conversion rates it has already observed and measured.

Showing continual optimisations in intelligent multivariance testing

Because it is always running it can respond to changes in your users demographics, their intentions and other factors not usually considered for traditional testing. For example, what held true as the result of a traditional test 3 months ago may not hold true now (e.g. 3 months ago was September, now it's December and users respond better to Christmas messages)

As Intelligent MVT can hook into your product catalogue and your adwords accounts it is capable of quickly responding to changes and updates in either. It uses highly developed matching algorithms to ensure that the best content is always served.

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